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CAUSE YOU CARE: 3 Things To Know First - Epic Agents

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Are you looking to connect with potential clients on a more meaningful level? This month we are talking about cause marketing. What exactly is cause marketing? Cause marketing is any strategy or tactic in which you partner marketing your business and doing good in the community. There are a few things you need to know
before you get started.

1. Be Authentic!

People can smell phoney from a mile away! Do not jump on the bandwagon of a popular cause if you don’t believe in it. Be authentic. Choose a cause that is meaningful to you but avoid polarizing or politically charged causes. You don’t want to alienate potential buyers who’s views may not be aligned with yours in these areas.

2. Do Your Research!

Look for local charities to support first. If you can’t find a reputable local nonprofit, then choose a reputable national nonprofit with an active local chapter. Do your due diligence! Look up the organization CharityNavigator.org and GuideStar.org. These watchdogs report on how nonprofits spend the money they raise and provide other details about their organization. Contact the nonprofit. Every nonprofit has a different way of engaging with the community. It is important that you interview them ensuring they are a good match for you. Not all charities are worth your time or hard-earned money!

3. Be Engaged!

Ask others to participate WITH you. They will see you actively engaged in the community and respect your commitment. They’re also likely to bring friends helping you grow your sphere! Here are a few ways to engage:

  • Host a charity fundraising event (Don’t worry, it can be casual!)
  • Co-Sponsor an event with a local restaurant who donates a portion of the profits and offer your own cash donation for each person who attends. 
  • Volunteer and invite others to volunteer with you!
  • Create an online fundraiser. There are a number of peer to peer fundraising platforms but we suggest you start with Facebook. Its the easiest to setup and share with your existing following.

Ready to get started?

CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide to choosing a charity for your first campaign.

Looking for free marketing ideas? Our EPIC November 2019 Marketing Calendar is here!  Check it out for fresh ideas to help you with social media posts, videos, pop-bys, and more!

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