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Digital Check-up: LinkedIn Page - Epic Agents

The Digital Doctor is doing house calls! Today we are going to make sure that your brand is being presented exactly as it should AND that you are getting the most out some of the neat tools and settings LinkedIn has developed to make staying engaged with clients and prospects easier.

Goal: Improve Your LinkedIn Page Presence & Engagement


Estimated Time: 30min


What You’ll Need:

  • Your Headshot or Business Logo
  • Cover Image Graphic (Seasonal graphic available in this month’s kit!)
  • Photos of your recent listings/sales
  • Links to LinkedIn’s easy to follow instructions for each item on the task list are included below


  • Review/Setup your page info. Make sure your company description, specialities, website, location, company size, company type, and industry are correct. (To create the page, click on Work and then click on Create a Company Page or to edit the page, click on Me and scroll down the and you’ll see your page under Manage.)
  • Edit the public profile URL for your LinkedIn page.
  • Update your profile image with your latest headshot or your logo. (Click the little camera icon on your current profile picture.)
  • Update your cover image (click the little camera icon on your current cover image). The cover photo can be a picture of your team, a seasonal graphic, or anything else you feel gives visitors to your page a welcoming feel.
  • Post photos of your recent listings/sales. Tag your buyers/sellers!
  • Update/turn on notifications! You don’t want to be the last to know you got a lead!


Looking for free marketing ideas? Our EPIC November 2019 Marketing Calendar is here!  Check it out for fresh ideas to help you with social media posts, videos, pop-bys, and more!

Need help implementing ideas?  Book a consult today!

Remember: if you have any trouble, head over to our Facebook EPICAgents Members Only Group where you can post questions to the community and get information about our next live training.